Written by Diane Estrella

Giving-Up vs. Surrender

by Diane Estrella

Recently, I found these words defeatedly coming out of my mouth, along with tears from my eyes…..

“I give up…..”

The situation was hard.  My options were, none.  Downcast was my heart.  No choice, but to give in and give up.  Then a thought came to my head.  Do you surrender or do you give up?  They sound similar.  Looking up their definitions brought some interesting comparisons though.

To surrender:
to give up possession of or power over; yield to another on demand or compulsion
to give up claim to; give over or yield, esp. voluntarily, as in favor of another
to give up or abandon
to yield or resign oneself

To give-up:
give oneself up to another’s power or control, esp. as a prisoner
the act of surrendering, yielding, or giving up, over, or in
to lose hope for
to cease doing or attempting something especially as an admission of defeat

The difference is slight, but the end result is completely different.  In giving up, you have resigned yourself that there is no other choice, no options, absolutely hopeless.  The power and situation are entirely out of your control, you are through. Finished…… you’re done.

Surrender, however, gives you another chance. You have “resigned yourself” but that does not mean there are no other options.  It is in your control to regroup, rethink, another day will come to pass.  There is still hope.

Anything in your life you need to surrender to but not give up in?

Tabitha Bird, an Aussie lass, did a great post on “Let it go” linked here.  Check her out!

Also, Shannon O’Donnell did a great post on “Defying  the Obstacles”.  Look here for more encouragement.

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