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Shakespeare’s Lady by Alexa Schnee & BOOK GIVEAWAY

by Diane Estrella


About the book

Emilia has always done what others have wished. She lives her life safely, obeying others’ commands and she is never fully content with her life. She even accepts a marriage proposal from a man she does not love to appease the ruthless Queen Elizabeth and to remain in her glorious court.

But then she meets the dashing William Shakespeare and he shows her words, love, and freedom are what she has been missing. The two lovers find themselves playing a dangerous game against the Queen herself. Will the things that William has shown Emilia be what tears them apart?

Image of Alexa SchneeAbout the Author

Alexa Schnee has always wanted to be a writer. She loves the smell of the bookstore, because nothing in the world smells exactly like it. She listens to Indie music and drinks way too much coffee. She will never, ever like math and she will always love dancing in the Montana rain. Alexa is the youngest recipient ever of the Mount Hermon Most Promising Writer Award and a first place winner of the Authors of the Flathead 2010 High School Writing Contest. She is currently attending Sarah Lawrence College in New York City.

My Review

I love how the author blended the real-life person of Emilia Lanier and made a very plausible fictional story to accompany her. This book gives one possible solution to whom Shakespeare’s “Dark Lady” was. It is not proven whether this was an actual person or only a literary device that he used for his muse. Regardless, this book is filled with convincing history and made me feel like the author’s interpretation is just as good as any hypothesis out there.

The book made me feel incredible sadness for most of the people living in the time of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (late 1500’s), when the story is set. She was ruthless and moody to whatever whims she felt in that moment, it seemed. She was seen as a god and required obedience as such. Elizabeth commanded adulterous affairs and marriages based on her word alone. Emilia is required to become a Baron’s mistress, forced into a loveless marriage, and ultimately chooses to have an affair with Shakespeare as her only chance for happiness. While I do not condone any of these options, the author portrays society at this time as having few alternatives to consider. I am extremely thankful that I do not live under a dictatorship where I am commanded to commit these sins or face possible death.

The underlying truth that I personally got from this book was to not waste the precious time you have. Emilia spent YEARS living an unhappy life trying to please others out of fear or obligation. We all need to purposefully live each day and enjoy the days we have, truly, regardless of our circumstances.

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The Giveaway

For anyone that’s interested, I am giving away my ARC copy of Shakespeare’s Lady to one lucky reader. Leave a comment below, either through Facebook comments or the regular comment form, and let me know that you would like to have it.

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