Written by Diane Estrella

The Giant Puffball Mushroom Facts and Recipes

by Diane Estrella

There’s a guy that comes every year to my house and asks if he can pick my mushrooms. This year I decided to see what all the yumminess was about and here it is. I give you the Puffball Mushroom!

“The latin name for the giant puffball is Calvatia gigantea. An older term, Langermannia gigantea, is no longer used. (Thanks Mushroom Appreciation for all this great info!)

  • Giant puffballs are saprotrophs, meaning they feed on dead organic matter. They’re more likely found in meadows and grasslands than in the forest. They are always found growing on the ground rather than up in trees.
  • They often re-appear in the same place each year. This has caused some people to suspect they may be mycorrhizal rather than saprotrophic, but this has not been proven.
  • Puffballs are sometimes found in a large circle called a “fairy ring”. Check out the page on fairy rings to learn more about this fun phenomenon.
  • These mushrooms fruit in late summer to early fall. Despite their large size this happens quickly. The fruit body will appear in about a week’s time.
  • There are many types of puffballs but the giant variety are mainly found to the east of the Rocky Mountains. They are spread through the central and eastern United States, Canada, and Europe.
  • Giant puffballs are well named! They typically grow between 10 and 70 cm (around 4 to 27 inches). One of the largest specimens on record was 150 cm (59 inches)!”

Here are some great Giant Puffball recipes I found. I’ll have to see which one I am brave enough to try!

Giant Puffball Mushroom Crust Pizza Read more at: http://www.food.com/recipe/giant-puffball-mushroom-crust-pizza-358219?oc=linkback

Puffball Mushroom Soup found here.

Stuffed Giant Puffball Mushrooms is a traditional British recipe for a classic dish of a giant puffball mushroom stuffed with bacon, ham, vegetables, herbs and oatmeal that’s oven baked until done. Read more at Celtnet: http://www.celtnet.org.uk/recipes/miscellaneous/fetch-recipe.php?rid=misc-stuffed-giant-puffball-mushroom

Puffball Fritters can be found here.

Anyone have any favorite mushroom recipes to share? Please leave the info below in the comments.

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